Our Farmers Museum

The Paznaun Farmers Museum on the upper floor of our inn is a real treat for anyone interested in culture and history. Our museum does not exhibit expensive jewels or priceless paintings. We want to show you how people actually lived in Tyrol many years ago. This is not about the life of wealthy aristocrats, but rather how simple peasants in the area lived. Even though it was not too long ago, the lifestyle you see there seems unimaginable nowadays.

Restaurant guests can visit the museum free of charge at any time during opening hours.


In the foyer you will see numerous implements and tools that were vital for farmers at that time. They were used to harvest hay and all other farming tasks. Depending on the season, different tools were needed. Accordingly, most of the tools you see there were also made by the farmers themselves.


The workshop also reflects the labor-intensive and arduous life of the farmers.

Among other things, you can see numerous household items here, such as spinning wheels, sewing machines, or irons, that were mainly used by women at that time to perform household chores. You can also marvel at the life and tools of various craftsmen. Cobbler’s and carpenter’s tools as well as many small-scale auxiliary items can also be found here.

Weaving chamber

In the weaving chamber is one of our rarities: An old homemade loom, which was used to make bed linen, carpets, and other textiles from sheep’s wool. The decades-old loom technically still works today. Unfortunately, hardly anyone knows how to operate a historical device like that nowadays.

Sleeping chamber

The sleeping chamber probably offers the most intimate insight into the way of life at that time. Here you can see different wooden beds filled with straw – from cribs to the beds of the parents. The room is also decorated with old hand-painted wooden boxes, a birdcage, and many pictures from earlier times.

The museum guide

Our museum guide will give you a quick taste of your little journey through time in our farmers museum.